Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nano tech to make apparels
and garments more comfortable


Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 6 : Nano technologists are coming forward to help the Indian textile industry to produce novel wears and create a niche market. The Delhi-based Indian Institute of Technology has launched a research group on nanotechnology for smart and innovative textile technology (SMITA).

Speaking at an exclusive session on nanotechnology and education of the 97th Indian Science Congress, Prof Ashwini Agarwal of Delhi IIT said : “fibres and filaments are one-dimensional structural materials for textiles. Through nanotechnolgy we can decrease its module value and increase its strength. Not only nanotechnology can be deployed for fibres and filaments and for creating composite nano fibres, but it can also be deployed for surface modifications and finishes of yarns and cloth. By this process the textile products can be made more attractive, strong and responsive to customers’ choice.”

Textiles is the major segment of the Indian economy responsible for about 17% of export earning. Indian textile industry is faced by severe competition in the global market.

According to Prof Agarwal if the diameter of the fibre is reduced, its strength increases and with the given flexibility it can be subjected to better orientation and formation. For making better nano fibres we need drawing, template synthesis, self assembly and phase transformation. Electro spinning of nano fibres can then be taken up

Nano finishes can be undertaken for making it resistant to heat, flames and also make the cloth stain repellent. Nano finishes can be of silver with varying colours. The cloth and the wear can thereby be made attractive to customers’ choice and giving more comfort to the body

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